Personal Information
Born: 10 Feb 1989, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Nationality: Bangladeshi, residence in Denmark since January 2015.
Family status: I am married with one child named Afifah, she is one year old. My wife has recently graduated from Aalborg University. We all live together.
Why Denmark: In 2014, my wife moved to Denmark to studying her MSc in International Business Economics at Aalborg University (AAU). The innovative education system in Denmark, namely the problem-based learning, has attracted me to study at AAU. Currently, I am studying MSc in International Marketing, under a full scholarship for outstanding international students. Last, but not least, cultivating innovation, flat management structures, teamwork, and work-life balance has motivated me to continue my career in Denmark.
Passionate about business, technology, and research
With some experience as a business professional, I have learned to break problems into small parts and solve them accordingly. A tech-savvy and adaptable to the rapidly changing business world by the influence of the continuous development of new technology. Experienced in the entire value chain of marketing management, ranging from sales, digital marketing, brand management, advertising, strategic marketing, marketing research to customer service. As a member of NOVA and Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark, elevating career development by creating professional networks and dating with companies. In addition to this, contributing to the Danish society and learning Danish culture by doing volunteer activities. A team player and prefer to blend in with the group rather than to find own way. Able to manage stress and always finish tasks or project on time.
My view on business is inspired by professor John Elkington’s concept of “the triple bottom line (TBL)”, also known as 3Ps (Profit, People, and Planet). I am always contributing to the business to increase profits ensuring the betterment of human being and the environment.
Free-time Activities
Daily, I go out with my wife and little daughter for cycling or walking. I like to take still-life photographs and share them on Instagram. I play cricket for Aalborg Cricket Club, Denmark. I like to watch adventure movies. I often cook Bangladeshi foods at home. I also love to make masala chai/tea.
I like to take still-life photographs and share them on Instagram.